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Costa Vicentina route

1st stop: ALCÁCER DO SALOne of the most popular motorhome trips in Portugal is the beaches of Southwest Alentejo and the Algarve.We started this line of Posts with the first stop: 01- Alcácer do Sal:The park is right next to … Read More

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Whats the autonomy of a motorhome? And how to handle it?

These are the precautions you need to take on a motorhome trip: Fuel – Obviously if you want to drive the motorhome you’ll need fuel (diesel). The fuel deposits are around 70-80 liters and the fuel consumption is around 10-12 … Read More

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Campervan or motorhome?

If you wish to completely explore a country, specially all those hidden places, your best and most affordable bet is to rent a motorhome or a campervan. The question is: what is best for you? Both options allow you to … Read More

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Snow, ski, snowboard… and a motorhome

Normally you wouldn’t associate Portugal, motorhome and snow on the same sentence but, if you combine all that, you can have a fantastic break from the routine, with a very low cost. Although Portugal is not a good place to … Read More

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Going up the river

Our trip to the Douro valley Last Friday we decided to take Marselha and Bruni, and drive up the Douro River with the full family, including the grandparents. Early Autumn is one of the most, if not THE most, best … Read More

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Minho with friends

The experience of traveling through Minho, Gerês and Bande with friends

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The north

The trip to Cangas, Pontevedra and Vila Nova de Cerveira On a sunny early Autumn Friday, we decided to take the kids and go up north. This time of the year, from September till the end of October, we still … Read More

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Wild camping vs campsite

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Wild Camping vs campsites? What are the Portuguese laws related with Wild Camping?

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Looking for christmas

People normally don’t associate Christmas holidays with a motorhome, but this year, we took Marselha and went looking for Christmas… Although we planned to start our trip on Friday, 30th of October, we were only able to exit on Monday. … Read More

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