Here we try to clarify all your questions about renting a motorhome or camper van


What driving licence do I need to drive a motorhome?
All our motorhomes, don’t exceed 3.5T and can be driven with a Category B Licence card.

To be qualified for the insurance, you need to have more than 25 years and have a driving license for more than 3 years.
Which documents do I need to have?
To rent and drive a motorhome, we’re going to need a copy of your ID card and driver license.
These copies need to be sent to the insurance company.
How can I proceed with a reservation?
Depending on type of reservation, we may require a down payment to reserve the motorhome or, if you use any of the renting platforms, they will handle the reservation payment.
Can I see the motorhome before making the reservation?
If you live or are visiting Portugal, we are more than happy to show you the motorhome and clarify all your doubts.

Please contact us to schedule a visit.
In what conditions should the motorhome be return?
We deliver the motorhome with diesel tank full, in the checkout it should also be returned with diesel tank full.
You should return the motorhome clean inside and out, equipment totally cleaned and organised (no garbage, sand, mud or any other waste), clean water tank full, chemical toilet clean and empty, and the residual water deposit has to be empty, otherwise a € 75,00 cleaning fee will be applicable).
We will check if there are no damage or missing equipment. In case anything is damaged or missing ts value deducted on the security deposit amount.
What are the schedules for picking the motorhome or returning the motorhome?
We are very flexible about the time to checkin and checkout. Please note that we try to offer this service free of charge but, we may not have resources available. Please book as soon as possible.
What does the insurance cover?
Full comprehensive cover in case there is damage to the vehicle, fire, theft, glass breakage and a complete 24/7 assistance in case of breakdown or incident:
  • Civil liability of 50,000 24/7 travel assistance;
  • Legal aid;
  • Shock, collision or knock down (up to €75,000);
  • Theft (up to €75,000)
  • Fire, storm or explosion (up to €75.000);
  • Natural disasters (up to €75.000);
  • Acts of vandalism (up to €75.000);
  • Personal injury to the driver (up to €250);
  • Breach of trust;
  • Glass breakage (up to €1000).

Cover is forfeited for private/recreational travel, excluding any expensive transport of persons and/or goods.
The following trips are authorized: Portugal and Spain
Is there any excess rates?
The excess is a set amount and is to be paid by the renter in the event of an accident. Independently from the excess, any third party injury will be compensated for any damage suffered.
Excess for shock, collision or knock down, theft, fire, strong winds or explosion, natural disasters, vandalism: €1.250;
Glass breakage excess (if replacement): €50.
What should I do if I have to cancel my reservation?
In the event that you have to cancel your reservation with us, please contact us immediately, confirming your name and the dates of your booking. According to the Terms & Conditions we will proceed with the request and any applicable refunds.
What if I want to modify my booking after the reservation is completed?
A change in dates, locations, motorhome or other details will depend on the current availability and must be approved by CaravanConcierge. Additional charges may apply. However, we will always try our best to make our guests happy, so do not hesitate to contact us directly.
Are pets allowed? Can I take my dog?
We, at CaravanConcierge, are pet lovers and do not charge any fee to bring your dog or cat, because we know that motorhomes are the perfect way to travel with animals. But, some motorhome owners may do not allow traveling with pets, so be sure to always confirm with our staff the possibility to bring your pet during the reservation.


Where do I pick and return the motorhome?
Typically we offer to pick you up, at no additional charge, from the airport or train station. If you wish us to deliver the motorhome on another location, please contact us first to check the availability.

When you arrive you should contact us via mobile or WhatsApp and we will be outside the airport, with the motorhome ready for you.

Afterwards, we will take you to a nice place, where we will make the full explanation on how to operate the motorhome, sign the contract and, in the end, give you some tips for your holidays.

For the returning, we should meet at a predefined location – typically the same place where the motorhome was delivered, and we will take you to the airport.

Please note that we try to offer this service free of charge but, depending on your flight date and time, we may not have resources available, Please book as soon as possible.
Is it difficult to drive a motorhome?
A motorhome is very easy to drive, it’s like a (big) car. You just need to observe a few rules:
  • Watch out with the height! Depending on the motorhome, the height can be around 3.2 m, so you need to be very careful with low bridges and balconies.
  • Rear visibility is very low! Always lean to some help to make any maneuver.
  • Be aware that when turning to the left, the rear of the vehicle goes slightly to the right (or vice-versa). Avoid parking really close to walls, cars or other vans.
  • In Portugal, we have old towns and villas with very narrow streets. If you wish to visit an old town, park on a main street and take a walk or use the bicycles.
  • With the water tanks full, it is a heavy vehicle, so avoid sharp turns and strong brakes.
  • The motorhome consumes around 10 liters/100km. Avoid going faster than 100km, otherwise the consumption will go higher.
Where can I fill up the clean water, and empty the grey water tank and the toilet?
In Portugal and Spain there are a lot of Motorhome service areas. They are marked with a special sign so you can easily find them. Additionally every campsite also has a special place where you can service the motorhome.

To find the nearest service area, campsite or motorhome park, we strongly recommend you to install the App Caramaps or Park4Night, available on both Android and Apple IOS.
Do I need to sleep on campsites?
In Portugal you can, in general, sleep anywhere you want, except if a special sign that forbids motorhome is present, or in National Parks. You can choose to sleep in a free motorhome park or near the beach.

We usually recommend to sleep a couple of days on the wilderness and then sleep on a campsite. On a campsite you can always.
Is there any rules for staying outside Campsites?
A motorhome is considered like a usual vehicle category B. You can park wherever the other cars can, only if there is a sign that forbids motorhomes.

One thing that it is forbidden outside camping sites and motorhome service areas is to have any structure that back up in the ground (such as open the awning or even put tables and chairs for a meal).
What happens in case of a problem? Is there roadside assistance?
In case of an accident or if you need roadside assistance, you should immediately call us. If needed, we will call roadside assistance for you in order to avoid any language barriers.
What is the autonomy of a motorhome?
These are the precautions you need to take on a motorhome trip:
  • Fuel – Obviously if you want to drive the motorhome you’ll need fuel (diesel). The fuel deposits are around 70-80 liters and the fuel consumption is around 10-12 l/100km, so you can expect and autonomy of around 550 kms till 800 kms, depending on your driving.
  • Battery “Electric energy” – You need electric energy to power the lights, the water pump, the TV and charge your mobile phone. All our motorhomes have one battery for the car and one or 2, special batteries for the “home”. These batteries are charged when you drive, by the solar panel or when connected to the electric socket.
    Since we provide a solar panel on all motorhomes, you’ll never need to worry with the batteries running low. In such extreme cases, if you’re not on a campsite connected to the 220v electric power, you’ll need to switch on the engine to charge the batteries.
  • Gas – We supply all our motorhomes with 2 gas bottles: one completely full and another that can be used. A gas bottle will last more than 20 days of consecutive usage for the fridge and water heating, so this isn’t something you’ll need to worry about.
    The gas is used to heat up the water, heat the “home” on cold days and power the fridge when you are parked outside a campsite.
  • Water – All our motorhomes have a water deposit of 120L or bigger. For a family of 4 people, this will last you around 2-3 days of showers, dish washing and other normal water usage. So, you need to plan to, every couple of days, either spend the night on a campsite, which offer the services to fill up the water tank, or you’ll need to go to a motorhome service area:
    Whenever you fill up clean water you’ll also need to empty the grey water tank (water used to shower, dishwashing, etc). Typically the grey water tank has the same capacity as the clean water tank;
  • Chemical toilet – On a motorhome, you’ll also need to plan to empty the chemical toilet. On a regular use, 4 persons will fill up the chemical toilet in 2-3 days so you’ll also need to plan to empty the cassette every couple of days. You can do this on a campsite or on the multiple motorhome service areas available in Portugal.
In resume, we recommend that once every 2 days, you either plan to sleep on a campsite or you go to a motorhome service are to fill up the clean water, empty the grey water tank and the WC cassette. The gas and 12v electricity last for a very long time so it’s not something you’ll need to worry about.
For more information please check or blog post.
What fuel does the motorhome use?
The motorhome must be delivered to you with a full tank. Please return it also with a full tank, otherwise we will be forced to withdraw the amount from the deposit. Note: If you do not deliver a full tank, we consider a full tank to cost 100€ and an additional tax of 10€ is charged to fill the tank. For example, if you return the deposit a little below half, we will charge you 50 € + 10€ All our motorhomes use Diesel. Please use the premium diesel – only 0,02 cents more expensive than the regular, because it provides better consumption.
Are there any tolls? How should I proceed?
Please be aware that certain highways include a cost on the usage. They are always indicated by a sign. Other highways have tolls booths where you can take the ticket (when entering the highway) and pay on the toll both on the end. For more information check: Whenever possible, we always recommend you to take the ticket and directly pay on the end. For the automatic tolls, on the end on the renting, we will send you the description and total amount due which must be payed on the return of the motorhome.
What happens in case of a problem?
In case of an accident or if you need roadside assistance, you should immediately call us. If needed, we will call roadside assistance for you in order to avoid any language barriers.
What’s the mileage included?
Travelling in a motorhome gives the unique opportunity to know the diversity of places, culture, traditions and people in a country, suggesting that you shouldn’t rush things, but in the other hand you should invest in taking all the time you need to know and enjoy each place. We will provide you a wide range of itineraries suggestions regarding to the duration of your stay and interest so you can enjoy at the most your experience.
Therefore, we encourage you to make 200km/day average per booking, you will have the opportunity to include extra mileage if you wish.
Can I drive to Spain?
We allow our motorhomes to travel along Portugal and Spain. Except if stated otherwise, it is not allowed to travel outside the Iberian Peninsula.
Can I drive to France or Italy?
Except if stated otherwise, it is not allowed to travel outside the Iberian Peninsula.
Do you have a list of best spots and places to visit?
We started this project because we love travelling by motorhome and, during our long experience, we have gathered a lot of secret and fantastic spots to visit and experience our country.
We are more than welcome to provide you all the advices and recommendations for the perfect adventure. For any possible request, please feel free to contact us or check out our Facebook or Instagram!


What is included in every rental?
Every booking includes standard features in order to make your road trip experience perfect. We provide 24/7 roadside assistance, full bedding, complete cooking set, barbeque and, if requested, toys for the children’s.
Do I need to bring bedding sheets or sleeping bags?
No. We mitigate the need to carry all that bulky stuff on the plane and include in all rentals a duvet, pillows and bed sheets for all travelers stated in the booking.
Do I need to bring child seats?
We offer child seats to the families traveling with kids. You just need to add it to your booking while making the reservation online (free of charge). Please make sure you share with us the age and weight of the child so we can have the proper seat available. The motorhomes have 3 point seatbelts in the front and back seats. The isofix system is not available.

Also keep in mind that we cannot guarantee a specific model or brand for the seat as we have different models in different locations. However, you are naturally free to bring your own child seat if you prefer.
Does the motorhome have an independent heating system?
All our motorhomes are provided with a fully automatic gas heating system. It allows not only to heat up the water, so you can take hot showers after a day on the beach, but also to heat up the motorhome, in case you decide to take a winter vacation to a ski resort 🙂
Does the motorhome include WiFi?
Upon request we can provide a 4G WiFi router, which is provided with an extra cost, that enables you to have permanent internet during your holidays.
Does the motorhome have a fridge? How does the fridge works?
All our motorhomes include a 3-way fridge, that can operate on 12v (while traveling), gas (while sleeping on the wild) and 220v electric (if you stay on a campsite). This way you can have your drinks always fresh for your journey!

The fridge also include a freezer, that allows to carry, for example, frozen kids food or ice-creams.
Can I watch tv or a movie on the motorhome?
Yes, all the motorhome include a LED TV that allows you to connect your laptop (via an HDMI cable) or plug a USB pen to watch your favorite movie or series.

Although most of the motorhomes include TDT antenna, the reception of TV signal depend on the area you park and only allow you to watch the 4 public portuguese channels.
Can I listen to my music? Is there any bluetooth speaker?
Yes, of course. We couldn’t imagine our holidays without our favorite music with us, so we provide, on all motorhomes, either a Bluetooth car radio or a separated bluetooth loudspeaker, so you can enjoy your music while traveling or when parked.
Does the motorhome have air conditioning?
Some motorhomes have a car air conditioning, that can be used while the engine is running. Since a dedicated air conditioning only works when connected to outside 220v, we include on the motorhomes a ceiling fan and individual fans for the beds, that can be used with the internal battery inside or outside a camping site.