Whats the autonomy of a motorhome? And how to handle it?

These are the precautions you need to take on a motorhome trip:

  • Fuel – Obviously if you want to drive the motorhome you’ll need fuel (diesel). The fuel deposits are around 70-80 liters and the fuel consumption is around 10-12 l/100km, so you can expect and autonomy of around 550 kms till 800 kms, depending on your driving.
  • Battery “Electric energy” – You need electric energy to power the lights, the water pump, the TV and charge your mobile phone. All our motorhomes have one battery for the car and one or 2, special batteries for the “home”. These batteries are charged when you drive, by the solar panel or when connected to the electric socket.
    Since we provide a solar panel on all motorhomes, you’ll never need to worry with the batteries running low. In such extreme cases, if you’re not on a campsite connected to the 220v electric power, you’ll need to switch on the engine to charge the batteries.
  • Gas – We supply all our motorhomes with 2 gas bottles: one completely full and another that can be used. A gas bottle will last more than 20 days of consecutive usage for the fridge and water heating, so this isn’t something you’ll need to worry about.
    The gas is used to heat up the water, heat the “home” on cold days and power the fridge when you are parked outside a campsite.
  • Water – All our motorhomes have a water deposit of 120L or bigger. For a family of 4 people, this will last you around 2-3 days of showers, dish washing and other normal water usage. So, you need to plan to, every couple of days, either spend the night on a campsite, which offer the services to fill up the water tank, or you’ll need to go to a motorhome service area:
    Whenever you fill up clean water you’ll also need to empty the grey water tank (water used to shower, dishwashing, etc). Typically the grey water tank has the same capacity as the clean water tank;
  • Chemical toilet – On a motorhome, you’ll also need to plan to empty the chemical toilet. On a regular use, 4 persons will fill up the chemical toilet in 2-3 days so you’ll also need to plan to empty the cassette every couple of days. You can do this on a campsite or on the multiple motorhome service areas available in Portugal.

In resume, we recommend that once every 2 days, you either plan to sleep on a campsite or you go to a motorhome service are to fill up the clean water, empty the grey water tank and the WC cassette. The gas and 12v electricity last for a very long time so it’s not something you’ll need to worry about.

Motorhome Service Area Sign

In Portugal and Spain there are a lot of Motorhome service areas. They are marked with a special sign so you can easily find them.

Additionally every campsite also has a special place where you can service the motorhome. To find the nearest service area, campsite or motorhome park, we strongly recommend you to install the App Caramaps or Park4Night, available on both Android and Apple IOS.

If you still have any question or doubt, we are available 24/7 on whatsapp to assist you.

Enjoy your motorhome holidays 😉