Start monetizing your motorhome while you're not using it



CaravanConcierge will handle all the promotion and reservations for you.


We will pick up and deliver your guests and provide a 24/7 support line, so you don't have to worry about anything.


We will take special care of your motorhome. When it's time, we take it to the mechanic and we'll never left her alone.

Renting Promotion and Booking Management

CaravanConcierge professional team will produce high quality photos and videos, against beautiful sceneries, to promote the Caravan interior and exterior qualities. Full Caravan description is also provided in different languages, to maximize the potential customer reach.
CaravanConcierge will promote the Caravan into multiple platforms, being responsible to handle all the different calendars and to promptly (aiming to provide a response within one hour) reply to any existing or potential guests doubts or questions. A shared calendar is provided to the Owner, so he can, at any time, check the existing and future bookings planned for his Caravan. To assist the Caravan delivery to Guests, CaravanConcierge makes available prior to the renting full instruction videos on how to handle the Caravan.
During the rent, CaravanConcierge provides a 24/7 assistant phone line to provide full support to the guests. Upon the Caravan reception, if something was broken by the guest, CaravanConcierge will handle all the process of deduction the amount from the security deposit or filling the necessary papers to the insurance company. All the process can be remotely followed by the owners. CaravanConcierge provides all the owners access to a secure intranet, where the following information is available in real-time:

  • Shared calendar with all the bookings;
  • For each booking CaravanConcierge makes available an interior and exterior video, taken on the first and last day of the booking;
  • Caravan information sheet - with all the mileage, inspections date, mechanical revisions and incomes.

Renting Handling - Preparation, Delivery and Reception

For each renting, CaravanConcierge handles all the process, from the Caravan cleaning and preparation, to the delivery to guest and reception. Note: These services can also be made available for the Owner. If a owner wishes to use his own Caravan and want to have it fully prepared, the Preparation services are also available for him. For the Caravan preparation, CaravanConcierge provides a team of specialized personnel to clean and prepare the Caravan to receive the guests. This service includes:

  • Thorough cleaning of the interior: using professional ambient products and Thetford cleaning products for the toilets and plastics;
  • Empty grey water tanks and put Thetford Waste Water Tank Freshener;
  • Empty, if needed, the chemical cassette and fill up the Thetford Aqua Kem Sachets;
  • Add, when needed, toilet paper, shower gel and shampoo;
  • Replace all the towels;
  • Clean and check all the cutlery, plates, cups, pans and accessories;
  • Check the dishwasher and fill dishwashing detergent;
  • Clean the cockpit dashboard;
  • Clean the fridge and apply anti-smell product;
  • Make the beds and provide clean clothing;
  • Fill up the air fresheners;
  • Clean the windshield using RainX cleaning product;
  • When needed, wash the exterior of the motorhome;
  • Check the levels of the oil, refrigeration and windshield cleaning liquid;
  • Check and, if necessary, fill the clean water tank;
  • When needed, make available the kids safety seats;
  • Check tyre pressure;
  • Check fuel level and, if needed, fill up;
  • Check gas bottles and, if needed, replace them;
  • Check documents.
For the Caravan Delivery, CaravanConcierge provides the services to pick up the Guests, either from airport or any other location nearby, takes them to a predefined location, typically near some Point of Interest with a Caravan parking place, and provide a full demonstration of all the Caravan features, inclusive all the driving tips.

Before departure, CaravanConcierge personnel makes a video, together with the guest, signs all the legal documents and, if needed, handles the security deposit payment. Additionally full trip support and recommendations are also provided.

When the booking approaches the end, CaravanConcierge will handle with the customer the return location and date and will meet the guests to receive the Caravan.

Upon reception, the Caravan is inspected by CaravanConcierge personnel and, when needed, another video is taken. If the Caravan is in perfect conditions, the Security Deposit is returned to the Guests, otherwise, if case something is broken, the security deposit is retained and a document detailing the necessary repairs is signed.

Caravan Handling

To provide a complete and worry free service to the Owner, CaravanConcierge can additionally handle all the tasks related with the Caravan maintenance, namely:

  • Whenever needed, take the Caravan to the mechanic, for the periodic revisions;
  • When something is broken, take the Caravan to the right mechanic and, after owner approval of the budget, handle the necessary repair;
  • Whenever needed, take the Caravan to a tyre company, for tyre replacement and align the direction;
  • Take the Caravan to the yearly legal inspection.