Looking for christmas

People normally don’t associate Christmas holidays with a motorhome, but this year, we took Marselha and went looking for Christmas…

Although we planned to start our trip on Friday, 30th of October, we were only able to exit on Monday.

Our first stop was Foz do Arelho, a really nice seashore town, very well know for a motorhome destination. We stopped at an amazing gazebo, just on top of a clif, with a stnning view over the ocean. We heated some tea and had a small lunch, and then just watched the sunset while the kids played with Kika.

We decided to have dinner on a fancy restaurant, a risky bet when you have a small kid with you, just on the center of Caldas da Rainha.

We slept on São Martinho do Porto.

We went to Óbidos – Christmas town, that had a lot of entertainement for the kids.

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